After being tired of the stacks of mundane, generic store-brand greeting cards, we set out to pair our passion in cryptocurrency with designs inspired by the community. Each card features a pre-generated cryptocurrency wallet that can be transferred to the recipient. Like cash in an envelope, only better. The goal is to inspire new participants to join the financial revolution!

Crypto Greeting Cards are an affordable way to introduce friends, family, and loved ones to cryptocurrency. After redeeming the card, the recipient will learn:

  1. how to setup a wallet app
  2. the difference between public address and private key
  3. an introduction to transactions (sweeping funds)

Is there any better way to spread cryptocurrency than kind words and a small gift?


We take extensive precautions to ensure the security of the cryptocurrency wallet in each card. The printing and assembly is processed in-house. We do not store any copies of the private keys.

We recommend small value transfers ($20-100) intended for gift exchange. Please inform the recipient to sweep the balance at his/her earliest convenience. Do not use for long-term cold storage.

How to Use

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