How To Load Card

STEP 1: Access your Cryptocurrency Wallet. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet, visit for more information on how to set one up.

STEP 2: Scan the visible QR code on the greeting card using a mobile phone, tablet, or webcam.

Scanning Public Key

STEP 3: Send desired gift amount to the address obtained in Step #2 using your cryptocurrency wallet software.

    How To Spend Card

    STEP 1: Peel the corner of the public QR code label to remove.

    STEP 2: Gently scratch the metallic area with a coin to reveal the private key QR.

    Redeeming Private Key

    STEP 3: Download a compatible wallet that supports Importing Private Keys. For Bitcoin, we recommend Bread or Copay. Follow setup instructions if you are using it for the first time.

    STEP 4: Scan the QR Code you scratched to reveal to complete the redeeming process.